10 Best Shoes for Standing All Day Nike From Expert

Before we start the article of best shoes for standing all day nike, Why tell people about your dreams when you can show them? Write the future, just do it and be legendary! Wondering where have you heard all these quotes? Obviously, these are the slogans that are treasured by the most popular multinational corporation Nike.

So for every time, you feel that your “all day standing job” is getting you demotivated, have a look at their quotes. They are very inspiring.

Apart from motivating people, the brand also owns the best shoes to present their customers. And if your shoes are not giving you comfort at work, then this is the time to get the best from the brand.

We also have an article about how to clean Nike shoes. If you want to clean your Nike shoes then don’t miss this amazing chapter.

(Since the article has been written for all the people, hence we have selected 5 of their men’s shoes and 5 of their women’s shoes that stood out the most among other rivals. So, let’s know the 10 best shoes that will benefit you while standing all day long.)

Highlighting Features of 10 Best Shoes for Standing All Day Nike

In a rush? Have a look at the table as we have highlighted the 10 best here with their highlighting features!




Highlighting Features

Top 5 Shoes For Men

10.4 oz.

Great Traction, Well-Cushioned, Shock-Absorbent, Spacious Toe Box.

10.4 oz.

Great Traction, Well-Cushioned, Wide Toe Area.

10.4 oz.

Light, Great Traction, Well-Cushioned, Breathable.

9.4 oz.

Well-Ventilated, Well-Padded, Great Shock Absorbency.

40 oz.

Great Traction, Well-Cushioned, Breathable.

Top 5 Shoes For Women

Not Given

Great Traction, Shock Absorption, Light, Well-Cushioned, Breathable, Snug Fit.

10.4 oz.

Well Cushioned, Great Traction, Solid, Breathable.

10.4 oz.

Great Arch Support, Great Traction, Lightweight.

10.4 oz.

Great Shock Absorbency, Lightweight, Great Traction.

10.4 oz.

Light, Breathable, Well-Cushioned.

Top Pick

As the write has two separate sections for highlighting the best shoes for men and women, we have thought to select 2 top picks: one from the men segment and one from the women. It will be easier for both of you to know which two of the 10 best have outdone them all. 

Winner for men's

Nike Men’s Revolution 3 has all almost all the features that are able to impress you. The shoe has great traction that makes it ideal for different surfaces. It has enough cushioning so you stand for whole day with comfort. You will also find the toe-box to be very roomy making it easier for your feet to move freely. So, hats off to its flexibility. And its shock absorption nature acts just like icing on the cake. It performs dang well.

Winner for women's

Nike Women’s Downshifter 8 made it to the top list on the women shoes just because it is one of the perfect shoes you can own for whole day standing job. It comes with all the features starting from great traction, arch support, breathability, durability to well-cushioned, snug fit and shock absorption. You can literally guess that it doesn’t lack any feature neither it has any drawbacks to defeat the model. 

Nike thinks that strong happens to be the new beautiful. And you will find it visible if you look at their Revolution 3 footwear.

The shoe weighs about 10.4 ounces which falls in the most common weight range to give you convenience. So, it can ensure you that wearing it will feel very light.

We haven’t seen any issues regarding the fit of the shoe, so it can ensure snug fit. The little drawback is that it can appear as a little longer.

The shoe has used the most common rubber material for its outsole. Hence, your feet will be provided with added grip to prevent you from feeling slippery. You can also say that the shoe is great for different grounds.

However, some users have felt that the sole feels a little hard that can cause discomfort. But, the number of people supporting the complaint is very small.

The mesh upper is also present to give you optimum ventilation. As it circulates air through the shoe, you will find your feet pretty fresh even if you work for all day long.

Besides, the shoe also works to provide you with cushioning system. The mid-sole is equipped with soft phylon foam to get you some comfort. Not just that, you will also find it responsive since it feature super shock-absorbent abilities.

However, the toe box can look a little narrow. But the good part is that you will still find it decent and spacious so your toes can move freely.

The durability of the product is also commendable. All the materials feel very high quality that makes it one of the reasons to be the best shoes for standing all day nike.

However, the shoe might take time break it in so you have to keep patience. Some of them also got blisters for that, but once the pair grabs its flexibility, you will love wearing it. But make sure you wear socks, otherwise you will feel uncomfortable.


  • Weighs very light
  • Traction is superb
  • Mesh upper gives enough ventilation
  • Solid and durable
  • Provides great arch support
  • Well-cushioned for super comfort
  • Shock-absorbency is great
  • Spacious toe box


  • Takes time to break them in.
  • Can cause blister if thick socks aren’t worn.
  • The sole can feel a little hard.

Failure isn’t an option. It is a step that helps you attain your goal. And if your goal is to get to work and stand for a whole day with comfort, then you will need these Tanjun Sneakers to get the benefit.

The Tanjun Sneakers basically weigh 10.4 ounces. So, it is one of the lightest shoes you can own for such purpose. However, some people have felt it a little bulky but there are many people who loved its lightness.

As for the outsole, the brand has used good quality rubber material. Hence, you will be able to enjoy great traction of the pair. But you might find the bottom a little thin, so there is a chance that it might wear out soon to question its durability.

The synthetic material is a great pick to make the shoe last longer. The brand has boasted much to have the upper used breathable textile. Although, your feet might still feel hot at some point which many people have mentioned. So, you can say that the shoe features average breathable factor.

The midsole has been made very durable with foam so that it can offer a well-cushioned system. The cushioning further helps a lot in absorbing the shock or impact and providing daylong protection.

Speaking more of the cushioning, it also has been provided to balance the weight for giving you all the comfort you want.

The toe area is indeed spacious which gives you all the freedom to move your toes freely. So, it’s flexibility is great. However, some users have faced some inconveniences stating that the toe are wore out quickly.  

That said, the shoe offers great support that lets you stand for all day long with comfort. There’s no question of foot fatigue or knee pain that makes it the best shoes for standing all day nike. 


  • Weighs light.
  • Rubber material offers traction.
  • Breathable textile to make your foot feel dry and cool.
  • Offers great cushioning.
  • Well shock-absorbent.
  • Spacious toe area to offer flexibility.
  • Provides great arch support.
  • Distributes weight evenly.


  • Might feel bulky.
  • The toe area might wear out.
  • Bottom is thin so it might wear out quickly.
  • Breathability is poor.

Do not believe you have to be like anyone to be someone. And it’s equally wrong to even think of grabbing a pair just because someone you admire own.

Out of several pair of shoes, Monarch IV can make you feel different since it happens to be one of Nike’s best models. Reason? It’s man-made.

Whenever you find any pair to be man-made, you can make sure that the pair is there to offer high-quality materials and construction.

Although some people have mentioned that the shoe sticks debris, but if you have a maintenance plan, you can forgive the con.

However, just like the previous one, this too comes in 10.4 ounces. So, you are going to feel it quite light.

The sole happens to be synthetic, so you can expect some great performances from the shoe. Not just that, its rubber outsole is well-quality enough to provide superior traction for stability. However, some users have stated that the tread wears down quickly. And it can be a little upsetting.

As for the midsole, the shock absorbent capacity is pretty average in the heel area, and this might disappoint you.

The upper has been made up of leather and it comes with overlays which means you will get both support and airflow from the shoe. Speaking of ventilation, it will also circulate air through the shoe so your feet can feel cool and dry.

Monarch IV also encapsulated Air-Sole unit cushions for offering the same support and comfort. Speaking of padding, the shoe is pretty well-padded that makes it easy for you to stand for a whole day at work.

However, one of the most disappointing drawbacks of the shoe is that it makes noise. So, you might experience that as well since they squeak a lot which is pretty embarrassing.

That said, such cons don’t make it any less. Starting from its traction and cushioning to its support and breathability, the pair has everything to make it the best shoes for standing all day nike.


  • Weighs light.
  • Rubber material offers traction.
  • Offers decent airflow.
  • Provides well cushioned system.
  • Provides great arch support.
  • Manmade ensures high quality.


  • Debris gets sticked to the shoe easily.
  • Squeaks a lot while you walk.
  • The tread at the bottom might wear down fast.
  • Shock absorbency is not enough.

Greatness is not born. It is rather created. Just like this Roshe Run pair that is not only the best shoes for standing all day nike, but also for running.

Although we have found many complaints which show how they aren’t ideal for running. But since you will be using it for standing all day with comfort, you can ignore that.

Speaking of comfort, the brand has designed the Roshe Run shoe with elastic waistband plus drawstrings to offer you a comfortable fitting. So, you can enjoy the snug fit of the shoe very well.

Moreover, the outsole of the shoe has used synthetic to offer traction. Although, people have claimed that the shoe lacks traction since it acts slippery on wet surfaces. Thus, you can say that the grip is not very grippy.

Speaking of the sole, there are people who felt it to be quite ribbed. And this can annoy you.

As for the breathability, the mesh upper does the job and people seem to have enjoyed its airflow system. This means the shoe will let your feet feel fresh for a longer time.

The phylon midsole is another great feature as it helps give great shock absorbency. With this, your feet can relish all the protection from heavy abuses. Additionally, the shoe also features a cushioned collar that offers the same benefit around ankles.

Not just that, the shoe also offers great arch support that further helps give you comfort even if you are on your feet for long.

The Roshe Run weighs about 9.4 ounces to let you feel the light footwear at work. Even though the size runs a bit large, but if you try it out before making a purchase, it will no more be a con.

There is a Nike swoosh on the back left that adds style to the pair. It might come loose at one point, but that isn’t something to worry about. 


  • Solid and durable.
  • Provides great arch support.
  • Mesh upper gives enough ventilation.
  • Well-cushioned for super comfort.
  • Shock-absorbency is great.
  • Weighs very light.


  • Not great for running.
  • Might run a bit large.
  • Traction is very poor so you might feel slippery.
  • Have an awkward uneven sole.

Fearless, do more, get out and chase after it- this is what you might be feeling once you take a look at Max Torch 4 which is one of the best shoes for standing all day nike.

Coming in about 40 ounces, this is one of the heaviest models you can pick. Although it has earned little negative remarks for its heaviness and bulkiness, but the performance of the shoe has impressed the people much to go and get it.

The upper of the shoe has been made up of breathable mesh. As a result, your feet will stay dry and cool no matter how much time you spend on working and standing.

Besides the ventilation, the shoe has been engineered with visible max air unit below the heel to let you enjoy its maximum cushioning.

Speaking of the cushion system, the mid-sole has used phylon foam in the forefoot that offers nothing but it’s a light cushioning system. With this, you will get to enjoy a lotta comfort!

As for the support, the Torch 4 is indeed supportive since the pair has been engineered with TPU overlays for giving your feet a snug and secure fit. You will also love the traditional lace-up closure system for the same purpose.

However, the shoe has great traction thanks to the waffle fill outsole. However, the issue here is that the shoe is not really waterproof. So, it’s better you stay away from the wet surface since it can damage the pair.

That said, the performance of the shoe is outstanding! 


  • Offers a secure and snug fit.
  • Solid and durable.
  • Lightweight cushioning.
  • Offers great airflow.
  • Well-cushioned in the heel.
  • Great traction.


  • Not waterproof, hence standing on wet terrain might damage the product soon.
  • Feels very bulky.
  • Heavyweight.

Ambitious goals can head for outstanding achievements. This quote by Nike is pretty influencing enough to get yourself the best pair for whole day standing.

Although the brand has not mentioned anything about the weight of the product but seeing its reviews we can say that the shoe will be light. As stated by users, they seem to be very happy with the weight of Downshifter 8.

Its rubber outsole also happens to offer great traction that you want for enjoying the grippy feel.

And since it comes with the combination of leather and synthetic, you will love its quality and durability as well. So, the shoe is strong enough to simply amaze you.

The upper has used mesh fabric that is not only light but also pretty breathable to provide you with airflow perks. So, your feet will stay fresh.

People have also loved its arch support since it has managed to offer enough stability for comfort. Not just that, the shoe also has an adjustable arch band that further helps you by delivering a custom fit. Thus, you will love the snug fit as well.

Talking about fit, the shoe is not true to its size as it might run a little large. So, you already know what you must do in such a situation: trial!

The mid-sole has been boasted to be updated with Phylon material that helps make it soft and durable. The brand has also claimed to have it reformulated so it can be softer than the previous versions. You will also get impressed with its shock absorption nature that proves its worth.

Not just that, its well-cushioned system is another big plus to admire the product.

There is also a notched bootie that comes with the shoe so it can provide a seamless fit. Hence, it can be said that it doesn’t require any time to break the pair in and this is the top pick in the women department as the best shoes for standing all day nike.  


  • Solid and durable.
  • Offers great traction.
  • Offers great ventilation.
  • Provides great arch support.
  • Shock absorption is commendable.
  • Cushioning system is great.
  • Offers snug fit.


  • Might run a little big.

Do you sometimes feel that your better is better than anyone’s better? Because with Tanjun Running Shoes, you will understand how better shoes look and how they can be the best shoes for standing all day nike.

Just like most of the models, it too comes in 10.4 ounces making your feet feel light and happy. If you are someone who hates bulky shoes, then this beauty can be your pick as it won’t weigh you down.

The combination of leather and synthetic makes it a perfect pair if your word demands you to stand for all day long. So, there’s no doubt on its durability at least.

As far as the sole is concerned, it has used rubber for offering super grip. If you find yourself walking and standing on different terrains, the pair will stay stick to the ground. Speaking more of the soles, you might not find it comfy since the brand didn’t use Nike Air. This could be a little disappointing.

However, the collar and tongue has been well-padded for your feet comfort. Apart from this, the shoe has a great cushioning system in insole so you get the extra comfort.

The mesh upper part is also present to offer you adequate ventilation. And you know what benefits you will get.

The shoe comes with a traditional lace-up closure system that lets you fit the shoe snugly. Not just that, if you get a proper pair you will love its flexibility albeit it takes time to break them in.

However, one thing you must keep in mind is that the pair can run a bit small, so you will find it tight if you get one true to the size. Thus, it’s better you try them out prior to buying.

Another little downside of the Tunjun is that they stick debris pretty quickly which can annoy you the most. For this, you might need to keep cleaning them frequently. 


  • Solid and durable.
  • Offers great traction.
  • Well-cushioned.
  • Features enough ventilation.
  • Fits snugly to your feet.


  • Might run a little small.
  • Can feel a bit tight.
  • Takes time to break them in.
  • The soles are not Nike Air.
  • Sticks debris to the shoe quickly.

Greatness is something that is earned but never awarded. So, if you want to earn the best shoes for standing all day nike, then Epic React Flyknit can be an ideal choice.

The pair feels like walking on air- this is what a user has stated after wearing the shoes. Since the shoe weighs about 10.4 ounces, you ought to feel so. As for the shape of the model, you can find it a bit narrow, but it can work as an advantage for some of you.

You will also find the arch support great as the sock fit features snug the arch up where it required to be.

Not just that, you will also love the rubber sole since it offers great traction so your shoes stick well to the ground.

The cushioning is also super plus comfortable. If you are someone who likes a soft ride, you will enjoy its cushiness.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything about the breathability of the shoe, so if this factor is on your priority list, it’s better to check them out yourself.

Another major drawback regarding the shoe is that it gets dirty quite fast. And you will hate how quick it sticks dust to it which can lead you to clean them frequently.

Having said that, you will love the durability of the model for which you can call it the best shoes for standing all day nike. 


  • Weighs light.
  • Solid and durable.
  • Offers great arch support.
  • Traction is great.Well-cushioned.


  • Gets dirty easily which can require you to clean it more often.

Nothing’s over until you stop trying. So if you want to get the best shoes for standing all day, you will need to try finding out its features to know and get them.

Unlike the previous, this shoe has boasted well about its mesh upper that can speak of its breathability. However, some of you might find it insufficient since many users have felt hot in their feet due to the lack of proper airflow. But that’s alright!

You can forget such con once you experience its well cushioning system. Having the mid-sole made up with Lunarlon foam, you can feel comfortable wearing it throughout the day. Speaking more of the mid-sole, such cushioning also delivers great shock absorbent capacities that protect your feet from all the impacts.

The shoe features a plush collar as well to offer you a comfortable fit. Speaking more of it, the shoe has a traditional lace-up closer system that also helps provide you with the snug fit.

However, there are some folks who have felt it to run small. So, do try the pair out before making a purchase. Not just that, even after you buy a proper pair, don’t freak out with its little tightness. Because it has been found out that the shoe takes time to break them in. Hence, have some patience, because it will indeed give you the flexibility you need.

As for the traction, it is great as well. Since it has used a rubber sole, so you can guess the performance. 


  • Solid and durable.
  • Weighs light.
  • Features mesh upper.
  • Well-cushioned for comfort.
  • Shock-absorbent ability is awesome.
  • Plus collar for comfy fit.
  • Lace-up closure system for a snug fit.
  • Great traction.


  • Takes time to break them in.
  • Might run small.
  • Breathability is not sufficient since the feet feel hot.

Make yourself unstoppable with Experience RN 5 that happens to be the most well-liked shoes among females.

Of course, the weight is 10.4 ounces like the previous one. And so, you will feel the shoe very light.

Moreover, the shoe also has a mesh upper that works to provide you with adequate airflow. However, there is a little con behind the material which is its durability. Some people have claimed that the mesh near the pinky toe has worn out quick which is a little disappointing.

But you will love its traction! The rubber sole does a great job in offering grip.

Not only that, the shoe has also integrated Flywire into the mid-foot so it can promote adjustable lock-down. Speaking of its fit, its lacing system has snug properties to offer as well.

Experience RN 5 is also great for its well-padded system. The brand has used a lightly padded tongue and collar for comfort.

Moreover, the shoe also has foam insole so you get extra cushioning and comfort from the shoe. However, the insole is a little thin, so there is a chance that it can wear out soon.

Another big drawback of the shoe is its long break-in period. So, you will have to bear the tightness of the shoe for a while. 


  • Weighs light.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Awesome traction.
  • Well cushioned.
  • Offers adjustable lock-down.
  • Delivers snug fit.


  • Break-in period is way too long.
  • Mesh fabric wears out fast.

Buying Guide for Best Shoes for Standing All Day Nike

Things to consider:

  • Arch support
  • Comfort
  • Cushioning
  • Size and width
  • Constancy
  • Airflow
  • Design
  • Material
  • Weight

Arch support:

Arches vary from person to person, and these differences can affect the support, safety, and functionality of the shoes dramatically.

So, it’s essential that you take your foot arch into consideration prior to picking a pair. Even if you and someone else have the same foot length and width, the type of shoe might not work for you even if it works for the other.

If you discover footwear that suits well for most of your activities, yet you still seem to struggle wearing it for its arch, then it is recommended to check if the seller has the similar shoe to offer that will have a different arch. Or you can just switch to another product that will have insoles with quality arch support.

Also, it is better that you speak to a foot specialist if you think you have injuries or fitting issues, as they can advise you to go with custom made insole or even help measure your foot that will let you grab a well-fitted pair. They can also help by recommending you a custom shoe that will offer you appropriate arch support as well as spine support to perform the best. 


Getting yourself an uncomfortable pair of shoe can bring nightmares as it will make it difficult for you to pass the day with wrong shoes. For this, you need to assure yourself to get the shoe having appropriate support plus coziness.

However, the loose shoe might give you the comfort you need, but it will lack proper traction which can end up in reducing stability. And the shoe that can feel comfortable today, it might not feel the same the other day if it leads to other hassles down the road.

In such cases, you can take on factor into consideration and that is padding or memory foam as they ensure the comfort of the shoe as well.


Speaking of cushioning, it is able to make a big difference in comfort level particularly if you plan to buy a shoe for standing all day. While the appropriate cushioning system can decrease the impact of your foot movement, it can lessen the friction between the shoes and your feet.

It isn’t needed to state it out loud how inconveniences can poorly padded shoes cause. And if you find the socks thin on top, it will cause more discomfort to wear it throughout the day.

However, there are many great shoes that have all the required features except for adequate padding. In such cases, you can do stuffs like purchasing high-quality insoles, thicker socks, cushioned inserts or arch supports separately.  However, it is better that you do not consider them as absolute replacements.

Having said that, such attachments can improve your experience. But it shouldn’t be the only way to fix a footwear which is poorly designed and of course not ideal for your feet.

Size and width:

Albeit there are many companies that make shoes in different sizes and widths so it can fit most of the people. It’s still essential that you get your feet measured if you want to get a proper pair of best Shoes for standing all day nike brand.

Your feet happen to change in terms of width and length as you get aged. Not just that, injuries, feet health, medical conditions, and lifestyle can also affect your feet’s physical traits and health. So, it’s better that you measure the feet after every year.

Just before you plan to grab a pair, it will be great if you get the feet measured, Because, this way, you will be able to pick a pair with ideal length and width. And you will get a better opportunity to go with the one which will benefit you all through the day while comforting your feet.

Opting for an improper pair can cause inconvenience and discomfort. You can experience the same if you grab a pair with a narrow shape. Meanwhile, stretching the wide shoe out can also leave too much room for wiggle that will end up giving you instability. Thus, always try to buy a shoe that will fit snugly. Because too short and long shoe can cramp your feet and lead to losing support and balance. 


Stability is all about the arch, fit material, soul and weight of the shoe. And you can say it is one of the most important factors to consider.

The shoe has to be both comfortable and supportive no matter if you are walking sideways, forward or backward. Not just that, it also should make your feet feel stable while you turn into several directions or perform general activities.

If you think that you are feeling comfortable in a limited range of movement, then we would rather advise you to drop the idea of picking that particular shoe. Because that shoe isn’t ideal for your balance.


Since you will be buying the best shoes for standing all day, you will need to consider the breathability of the shoe. Because opting for a shoe that delivers super ventilation will help in keeping your feet feel dry and cool. And this can give you a delightful experience even if you find yourself standing for a whole day at work.

You will find many specialized shoes that use mesh fabrics especially to make the shoe breathable. This way, the upper allows your feet you breathe by circulating the air through the shoe. Some of the shoes also have perforated holes that offer added airflow as well.

Another great perk of such factor is that it also helps keep your shoes and feet free of odor. 


Selecting a pair that is designed for meeting your requirements and serving your purpose can go a long way to ensure both safety and comfort.

There are a lot of shoes nowadays which are cataloged by purposes. And they have been designed to offer you adequate support for all of your activities. Be it casual activity, heavy workout, working in a risky environment or standing for a longer time, if you opt for one that will meet your demands, it will help simplify your life.

However, you don’t have to be afraid to shop for different types of shoes since it’s expected that you will be performing a variety of activities all day long. While some pair has been designed for workout, some shoes have been designed for walking. But there are many shoes that also give you equal support and comfort while you are involved in different activities since these can let you transition from one to other easily. 


Different footwear has been made from different materials. And each of the materials serves different purposes.

Some materials have also been chosen for a particular activity while some are for styles. If you think of walking or running shoes, they basically tend to be made from lightweight material and provides airflow as well. Meanwhile, work shoes are made from tougher material and they are reinforced so that the shoe can protect your feet from outer abuses.

So, material plays a great role in choosing the shoes for a particular purpose even for standing as well.

Starting from upper material to sole, midsole and insole material, you will indeed have to take everything into consideration. 


Weight is a kind of factor that people tend to avoid noting it down. Albeit you will not realize it in the beginning of the day, but when you get back from work, you will understand the importance of the factor. But that happens only when you grab a heavy pair for yourself. Because a shoe that weighs heavy creates discomfort when wearing for all day long. It will not only weigh you down but your affect your performance and activity. And you will never like dragging your feet around right!

Moreover, heavy shoes also stress your feet that can develop leg, knee or ankle pain at a certain point. And for this, you might get more sensitive to the pains and arches all through your body.

Since you are planning to buy the pair which will let you stand all day long with ease while wearing it, do pick a pair that will be light enough to work on overall comfort. 

Why buy Nike?

You will find a variety of models of Nike that you can pick one from. Each of them comes with different design and styles and each serves a different purpose. When you make up your mind to purchase a pair from the brand, ensure the proper fit of the model that will suit you and satisfy you. Once you take one to your home and start using it, you will get to enjoy a lot of its advantages. Let us highlight some of them for choosing the best shoes for standing all day nike!

High quality: Nike happens to be known for their quality product. All of their shoes are so great that you will find the majority of their shoes in the best list. You can also appreciate the convenience of the shoe while you wear it.

Not just that, the durability of the Nike shoe is also commendable. And for this, the procedure of making such shoes place great result consistently.

Flexibility: If you plan to grab a pair from the brand Nike, you can be ensured that the shoes will have enough flexibility to give your feet some freedom. So, it doesn’t matter on which purpose you will be buying the shoe, you will love every stride while wearing the shoe.

Support: Nike shoes come with herringbone pattern usually to give you great arch support. The solid rubber is also another reason that adds extra support to your feet.

Not just that, such shoes also help protect your feet from injuries or pain so you can enjoy all the protection benefits of the pair.

Lightweight: Although some of the shoes might feel heavy and bulky, but hey the shoes that have been designed just for this particular purpose, you will get a variety of them being lightweight. So, you can reap the benefits for a long time for sure. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is padding important when it comes to the shoes for standing all day?

A: The placement of the padding in your shoe can make a vital influence on the comfort level. If comfort is your priority, then it is indeed important as your feet will feel comfortable even after standing for all day long.

Q: What to do if your heel hurts while you are on your feet for a whole day?

A: At first you will need to take a look at your footwear. If you have worn them for a longer time, have them replaced, it doesn’t matter if it looks still new. There are many high-quality shoes that can wear down quickly which leads them to the reduction of support and comfort drastically.  However, secondly, make sure you have a current amount of cushioning and fitment. The heel should have a snug fit. If you think that your heel still hurts then it’s better you consult a doctor and make sure you don’t have Plantar fasciitis issues.

Q: What shoes should be recommended to women who have foot issues?

A: Basically the footwear that comes with activity control is ideal and suggested for a female who has flat bottom or over-pronator. You will find many balanced shoes as it helps regulated excess side-to-side activities while giving lesser elasticity in toe-area. So look for such shoes if you have the troubles because they support the foot greatly.

Q: Can you insert orthotics in such kinds of shoes?

A: Obviously, you can add orthotics to the footwear. Such shoes indeed have the facility to let you take out the insert that comes with the shoe and replace them with whatever the insert you prefer.

Warm Up

Looking for an ideal pair of footwear is never an easy task. You will have to research a lot and note down a bunch of factors to consider. The one that will meet your requirements the most can be called the one that will suit you.

So, before you step outside, have a thorough Google on the internet. The shoes that have been listed here are definitely rocking the market. But still, we have tried to show the best shoes for standing all day nike both the pros and cons so that you don’t get wooed by its positive marketing only.

But since the brand is Nike, you can expect some classy quality with outstanding performance. And that’s Nike for you!

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