How to Choose Running Shoes for Beginners in 2020

How to Choose Running Shoes for Beginners? Have it on your mind that it’s not an easy task to find out the best and perfect running shoes for beginners in 2019. Even, you might have faced this sort of problem many times earlier.

Typically, a pair of running shoes can last between 400 to 500 miles of running. And it can last 3 to 4 months for the regular user. But you need to choose the right running shoes for you to feel more comfortable on your feet.

How to choose running shoes:

It goes without saying that there are many different running shoes with many new technologies. However, I’ve heard that many people always ask this question; “What are the best running shoes for beginners?” Well done! If you are one of them, just read this article out once. You’ll get a clear idea about your all queries.
Here, I’m going to discuss with you the matter step by step; “How to choose running shoes for beginners.” So, let’s read this whole article bang on.

What is pronation?

Firstly: Know your Pronation:

Keep it on your mind that your movement may show a pattern of pronation, or over-pronation, or under-pronation at the time of walking.

Pronation is a normal motion of your foot when you’re walking and running.
And Over-pronation is a common ailment of the human foot. It occurs on and after landing your foot strike. Your foot and ankle can roll inside, and the arch collapses too much.

Under-pronation is commonly known as supination. Under-pronation is the opposite of pronation. It’s a physical term of motion. If you want to learn more about pronation, you can check here: What is Pronation?


Secondly: Understand your foot type:

To select the best beginners running shoes, you need to understand your foot type at first. There are three types of feet. And these are low arch, normal arch, and high arch.

1. Low arches:

Low arches are generally known as flat feet. It means very little arch that sits low to the ground. Almost 20% of people all over the world have a very low arch. So you don’t need to be worried and panic as you’re in the group of 20%.

2. Normal arches:

Normal arches are commonly known as medium arches. In most cases, these types of arches are biomechanically efficient. Yet it has some problem — for example; heel pain, ball of foot discomfort, and many more. Almost 60% of people all over the world have medium arches.

3. High arches:

High arches are those kinds of foot that sit higher from the ground. Almost 20% of people all over the world have high arches.

Needless to say, you need to realize about the shape, size, movement, and pressure of your foot if you want to find out the perfect running shoes for you.

Thirdly: Know the types of running shoes:

It’s very important to know about the types of running shoes. There are three types of running shoes for three types of feet. Let’s look at a glance:

1. Motion Control shoes:

Motion control shoes are generally more rigid and heavy shoes. These shoes are highly recommended for those people whose feet are very flat, or heavy runners.

2. Stability:

Stability shoes are highly recommended for overpronating people. It means your feet tend to roll inside slightly at the time of running.

3. Cushioning shoes:

Literally, cushioning shoes are for these kinds of people who have a little bit of cushioning. In general, some shoe companies add extra elements to the heel and the forefoot areas to increase the cushioning features of a shoe.


Fourthly: Know about the categories of Running Shoes:

Now let’s talk about the categories of running shoes.

There are three categories of running shoes what you should have known before as a sincere person.

1. Road-running shoes:

Road-running shoes have been designed for use in the footpath. Besides the footpath use, you can utilize these running shoes to attend an informal program.

2. Trail-running shoes:

Train Running shoes have been designed for these roads that have many rocks, roots, and many other obstacles. These shoes are much more beneficial for touring in the hill or high street.

3. Cross-training shoes:

Cross-training shoes are usually made for the people who used to do gym, CrossFit workouts, or any balance activity. These shoes are also very useful.

Now try to feel on your mind what purpose you’re going to buy a pair of running shoes for.

Final Thought:

Finally, go to your local market to find out the best running shoes for you. Don’t forget to carry a pair of your old shoes with you to show the salesman. Thus, the salesman can easily understand which ones are the best running shoes for you.

No doubt, this is the easiest way to buy shoes within a couple of minutes.

Apart from, this is totally up-to-you which company’s running shoes you’ll prefer most.

Feel free to knock us if you have any more question to choose running shoes right now.


Frequently Asked Questions about Running shoes in 2019!


1. How will I know that my running shoes are right or wrong for me?

It’s very simple. Your perfect running shoes will give you a great user experience from the first minute whenever you put them on. Furthermore, your feet shouldn’t chafe, ache, or blister inside of your shoes. If you feel any problem, you just need to adjust width and size with your feet. Otherwise, you have to choose new running shoes for you right now.

2. Do running shoes make a difference?

You must face so many problems while running if your shoes are not comfortable with your feet. That’s why your shoes are very important to make your journey fun, right?

So try to select the right running shoes for your foot and don’t compromise any step what I’ve shared with you in this article.

3. What are the best running shoes for beginners?

Actually, this is impossible to give you the right answer to this question in a word. Because, it depends on the foot, foot types, pronation, and many other facts what I’ve shared above. You have to justify these facts. We have published some great shoe review you can check here: Shoe Review

And finally, you’ll be able to understand which ones are perfect running shoes for you. We hope you don’t have to ask again this question how to choose running shoes for beginners! If you still have any question, please comment below. We are ready to help you!

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