How to Clean Nike Shoes – Easy and Quick Method

Nike is one of the most popular brands in the world and Nike shoes can be said to be the best in the shoes, international recognition is very high, and the price will naturally not below. Another thing is Nike shoes are expensive, ordinary families rarely buy a pair, so how to clean Nike shoes, how to maintain the problem, has always been everyone’s concern. So, how to clean your Nike shoes in a better way?

First of all, we must be clear that Nike’s shoes are often rubber soles, fabrics or PU and cowhide. As sports shoes, the sewing process is often used for sewing and bonding. Therefore, when washing, do not use a brush to brush vigorously, and do not use a hard brush to repeatedly rub the position where the upper and the sole are bonded, which is easy to cause the shoes to be degummed.

In this article, I am going to talk about how to clean Nike shoes? So keep read the step by step guide to wash your Nike shoes-

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There are different types of Nike shoes and the cleaning method always not the same. You should follow these steps while cleaning your Nike shoes-

Net shoe cleaning

  1. Wipe the vamp with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  2. Brush the shoe with a soft toothbrush and a solution of soap powder. If the toothbrush becomes dirty during the brushing process, clean the toothbrush.
  3. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to rub the shoe clean. Note that you can wash more water, but Turn the shoes upside down so that the water can drip out.
  4. The shoes do not drip, dry in the shade.
  5. Soft hair toothbrush recommended, if you can buy a small brush for soft pig hair can also. Of course, it takes about half an hour to wash with washing powder. It can’t be too long. It is also possible to use hand rubbing. Never use a big brush. Oh, after washing, it must be naturally open. Be sure to ventilate.

Air cushion shoe cleaning

  1. Basically should try to avoid cleaning the insole. If there is any odor, take out the insole and place it in the air circulation to dry it, or even use the shoes to remove the smell.
  2. If the situation is terrible, you can wash the insole under the faucet and wipe it gently with a soft brush. Do not use any cleaning; otherwise, the surface fabric may fall off.
  3. Place it in the air circulation and dry it. Does not use a hot air blower or dry hair to blow dry the insole with a hairdryer. Otherwise, the insole may be deformed.

Cleaning points

When washing Nike sneakers, the water temperature should not be higher than 45 degrees. In the high-temperature environment, the shoes are prone to deformation, which damages the quality of the shoes. At the same time, it is best to use particular washing products during cleaning to prevent corrosion of the shoes.

Some Nike sneakers are making of leather. These shoes can be cleaned and dried, and the shoe upper is colorless or the same color as the top, and then stored in a cold, ventilated corner. After wearing the shoes for a while, they will gradually relax and feel uncomfortable. At this time, a layered insole can be added to the inner sole of the shoe. If you have a shoe insole, you can replace the insole with a thicker one or a pair of insoles. A shoe with a shoelace can tie the shoelace properly.


Instant treatment of sneakers after being wet by rain:

  1. Dry the water thoroughly with a dry cloth.
  2. Stabilize the shoe with a dry cloth or paper into the shoe.
  3. Placed in the air circulation to dry
  4. Do not use a hot air blower or a dry hair dryer to force the sports shoes to drain.

In addition, when not wearing for a long time, it is best to put soft filler in a cloth bag that is breathable and rest in a well-ventilated place. Now, take action and let your shoes look clean and tidy.

How to clean Nike shoes with mesh

How to clean Nike shoes with mesh

As the biggest attraction of Nike shoes, there is good breathability. It is mostly due to the mesh material that secures such good breathability, but how should you care and clean Nike shoes with mesh? This time I will show you concretely how to clean Nike shoes with mesh.

Troublesome mesh material shoes pretty much troubleshooting?

Among shoes or sneakers, recently there are impressions that various kinds have appeared and entered the Sengoku period. Among such sneakers, there are mesh sneakers as more breathable items. Every sneaker, many of the fingers of the feet have meshed, but what is becoming a mesh overall has appeared.

Because comfort is outstanding, I will wear it with a heavy rotation roughly, but of course, I will get dirty or smell if I do not keep it steady. Again, regular maintenance is essential!

So, what specific maintenance do you need to do? This time, I will introduce the maintenance method of the sneakers of the mesh material generously and add it gently!

Easy to wash!

Washing is the best way to maintain mesh shoes or sneakers. To remove dirt and smell like soaked inside the pump wash it with water and detergent and shampoo is quicker.

The way to do is simple, prepare washbowl and bucket and stretch the water once sneakers are put in it, soaked with water, rubbing with detergent or shampoo attached to the brush. Brushes, worn-out toothbrushes are excellent too! Then you can wash it reasonably.

This is too dirty!

It would be nice if water washing could be done at any time, but basically, it is not something you cannot do until there is time. Notably, in that case, shoes do not work correctly with heavy rotation. In such a case, cleaning with a cleaner that can be maintained in a short time is recommended.

I do not get wet with water; I will wash by raising bubbles and brushing. It is foam like shaving foam, so it is also easy to handle.


There is something made of suede in Nike shoes or sneakers of mesh material. Especially in New Balance, I’m selling a lot of cool suede sneakers. There is a trendy material; other manufacturers are also following it. In this suede boom, it is a little troublesome regarding mentoring. Since suede is a weak material for water, essential washing cannot do. Therefore, carefully attention requires in the care.

Let’s nourish with spray!

In the case of such suede-mixed shoes or sneaker, we recommend nutrition & waterproof spray as a dirt remover. You can easily float the dirt with a shower, so wipe it off with a dry cloth to efficiently complete the maintenance.

Also, in the case of this kind of goods, most of them have a waterproof effect. Mainly when it is not soiled, you can suppress extra moisture absorption by spraying thoroughly.

To cleanly wear mesh Nike shoes!

What did you think? If it is a shoe or sneaker of mesh material, there are things that bare feet wear it because there is good breathability by all means. However, as dirt and germs become concerned when wearing with bare feet, regular maintenance is necessary.

Since the method introduced this time is only a method that anyone can maintain without becoming universal, please try practicing from today.

How to clean white Nike shoes

How to clean white Nike shoes

The white Nike shoes are very stylish, but it is troublesome to get dirty soon. At that time, there is a way to wash it cleanly with things that are around us. Now, I want to discuss how to clean your white Nike shoes.

To wash your hand

• Make a cleaning solution. Using washing detergent and hot water makes it easy to clean white Nike shoes. In a large bowl, mix 1/4 cup of quality laundry detergent and 2 cups of hot water. If shoes are badly stained, you may need to recreate the washing solution for each pair of left and right. If the laundry detergent does not efficiently remove dirt, try the following cleaning solution.

1. 1/4 cup of dishwashing detergent and 2 cups of hot water
2. 1/4 cup of glass cleaner and 2 cups of boiling water
3. 1/4 cup of shampoo and 2 cups of hot water
4. Use a shoe cleaner that you can purchase online.

• Prepare clean water for another bowl. I use it for rinsing brush or sponge for shoe washing

• Soak the brush or cloth in the washing solution and rub the shoes. For each part, knead it to draw a circle. After rinsing the brush with clean water, replace the cleaning solution and continue until both pieces of the fabric are clean. Let’s clean the inside of shoes the same way. When washing shoes separated, wash the small bowl and soak the shoes. After cleaning the shoes, take out the string and rinse with hot water.

• Let’s clean the rubber part with an old toothbrush. Because there is a possibility that it is dirty or dirty, it is necessary to use something more difficult than the rag. I attach a cleaning liquid to a toothbrush and polish the side of the shoe sole and rubber part. If you do not get a toothbrush, you can substitute a hard side of the kitchen sponge or a smaller cleaning brush. If the rubber part of the shoe is not so dirty, let’s drop off light dirt such as friction dirt and scratched marks with the wet tissue.

• For the finish, wipe the whole shoes with a wet cloth and remove the remaining dirt and detergent. Let’s wipe the whole and let’s make sure the shoes are clean enough. If there is a part where the cleaning liquid is not sufficient, it may be necessary to try the stain removal method introduced later

• I will pack a newspaper in shoes and let them dry. Using the paper, you can keep the shape of shoes. Let’s wear shoes through shoes after completely drying in a sunny place.

Wash in washing machine

• After removing the shoes put the shoes in the washing machine. That is an excellent way to drop mud dirt quickly, but you should not wash your suede or leather shoes with a washing machine. Remove the insoles and shoes beforehand and then rinse, the whole shoes will be clean

• Put the removable parts and shoe body in a pillow cover or laundry net. We will combine everything and protect both the washing machine and shoes from damage by being hit. Let’s make sure that tightly closed so that the pillow cover and laundry net will not open in the middle.

• Let’s wash the washing machine with hot water using the hand washing function. With this, you can remove dirt without hurting your shoes. Regardless of how dirty your shoes are, you should not use hot water. There is a possibility that glue used for shoes will come off. Put the same amount of detergent as when washing a small amount of laundry. Do not wash with other laundry items, especially delicate clothing. Shoes hurt clothing.

• I will pack a newspaper in shoes and let them dry. To prevent deterioration of glue used for shoes, let’s not use dryers even at low temperatures. If a paper is packed to maintain the shape of shoes, dry it in a sunny place.

Let’s make sure that the dirt falls back to the original color. When you see stains and dirt, let’s remove it with the blot. Once the shoes are dry and then run through the single pin with an insole.

Rub the stain and dirt and drop it

• Let’s use a melamine sponge or sponge for stain removal. Melamine sponge contains individual substances that are effective for soiling such as mud and plants that become white spots of white vans. Moreover, it affects also on friction dirt attached to the sole of the shoe. When using, follow the instructions in the instruction manual.

• Let’s clean it with alcohol for disinfection. It is useful for scrubbing dirt and small stains such as ink stains. After soaking the cotton in juice for disinfection, we will moisten the dirty parts. Wipe gently with a cloth until dirt disappears. For scrubbing dirt and ink stains, it is also possible to use a light removing liquid. If there is dirt on paint such as paint on shoes, let’s use diluents (thinner).

• Let’s use sodium bicarbonate and quality laundry detergent. The combination of water, sodium bicarbonate, and quality laundry detergent demonstrate the power that is strong against the stain removal of white shoes. If you do not have quality laundry detergent in your house, paste with only water and baking soda is fine. Mix 1 tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate, 1/2 tablespoon of quality laundry detergent, 1/2 tablespoon of hot water, and paste it. Paste scrubbing or toothbrush paste, rubbing dirty parts. Place the paste on the dirt and let it dry for at least 30 minutes. When the paste dries, rinse thoroughly with clean water. If necessary, please repeat until dirt falls.

• I will use lemon juice. Lemon juice is an easy and effective stain remover in the home. Mix so that the ratio of water is 4 to lemon juice 1. Soak the sponge in lemon water and rub the stain. When the stain disappears, let’s wash that part with clean water.

• If you want you can use bleach. Probably bleach is the best for stubborn and awful shoe soils. However, be careful about handling bleach, so take care not to inhale it or touch the skin directly. When the bleaching agent scatters, the part it will be white, so when using it let’s wear clothes that you do not mind. Mix as bleach 1 to water 5 ratios. When using a bleaching agent without diluting it, the white fabric may yellow. Apply liquid to a toothbrush or scrub the stain. Rinse with clean water. Let’s repeat this until you get a stain.

• Let’s hide stains with toothpaste. When it is necessary to go out in a hurry or when you cannot afford the trouble, I will paint the toothpaste until the stain becomes invisible. When you have time, let’s clean it with the stain removal method introduced above.


Do not use bleach on a daily basis for white Vance shoes. It may get yellowed. Let’s apply to waterproof the new shoes. When you buy a new pump next time, if you do waterproofing, you will not be filled with stains quickly. Buy a waterproof spray, or have your shoveled perform waterproofing.


There is a possibility that discoloration may occur if the bleach sticks to parts other than white of shoes.

Shoes in which leather is used are generally not suitable for washing with water.

So these are the main tips and tricks on how to clean your Nike shoes. Hope you get more knowledge from this article about how to clean Nike shoes. If you like this article, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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