New Balance 247 Review – For Whom?

New Balance has always maintained its quality of shoes and it has successfully still kept it up with their New Balance 247 Classic and we are going to review it. This is quite an attraction for all you active and dynamic people. These sneakers understand you always have to be on the run to get things done hence it is designed to keep up with your fast pace.

It caters to your need for comfort, durability, and flexibility. Not only does it have these qualities but also comes with a neat and sleek design designed with synthetic material and a neoprene upper, making it a unique choice itself. We published another nice looking New Balance 574 Shoe Review you can check. 

Features of the New Balance 247 Classic:

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Flexibility
  • Stability
  • Breathability
  • Weight


These sneakers are quite durable for everyday wear and given they are lifestyle sneakers. The flexible rubber used in these sneakers’ outsole helps protect itself from casual wear and tear. Although heavy usage of it may create a crease in the midsole of the shoe, due to compression. The synthetic material helps the shoe to be intact even when it’s raining. If water touches your shoe? No problem, just wipe it out and give it to sun dry for about an hour and it should be good to go!  The upper is made up of multiple mesh material so that the shoe lasts longer life. 


Naturally, if you’re an active person you’ll be seeking out for comfort and support from your shoes. The midsole is lightweight yet soft serves as great comfort. In addition to this, the neoprene sock, tongue, and collar of the shoe gives the shoe a snugly feel. Even if you are wearing them for hours and running long hours errands, there will be no sign of discomfort. The shoes are spacious enough to let your toes and heels relax securing a strong foot lockdown and step in comfort. As much as it is easy to wear it is also light to carry around and can travel with you too.


Although these sneakers do not provide you with super flexibility, as they are not high-performance shoes, it will still provide you with a sufficient amount to make your strides easier. The outsole center part does not offer much flexibility, but the lightweight midsole covers up for it and the upper being mainly flexible in the forefoot. The heel tab of the shoe makes it easier to wear. 


The stability of these classics is truly notable, considering these aren’t high-performance shoes. The main magic lies in the shoes’ upper which provides a great contribution to its stability. The layers and combinations of materials help keep the foot stable and steady. Also, the synthetic leather adapts to the foot like a glove and keeps it steady. Now isn’t that what we all want? Some stability!! 


The designed textile mesh in the shoes’ upper gives it a notable ability to breath. This is quite necessary for ones who are using them on a daily basis. Your feet have the space to breathe. Although there is slight rationing with the breathability compared to other sneakers, even though the mesh in the upper is engineered well, the synthetic leather makes it a bit difficult for air to pass through. Even with the little discomfort to the ventilation, the sneakers still stand out to do their job efficiently. 


The weight is slightly heavier than other sneakers as it has multiple layers of upper and solid synthetic leather. It doesn’t come into much of a problem as they are lifestyle shoes. But this being notified, the mesh is well engineered and neoprene doesn’t let the weight fall too heavy on the shoes hence it is balanced. 

Pros and Cons of the New Balance 247 Classic


  • Being a multipurpose shoe, this comes off as a reasonable purchase.
  • Available in a wide array of models and colors.
  • Layered upper gives a comfortable, breathable and adaptable fit.
  • Its uniqueness gives the ability to go with any style and fashion.
  • Rubber outsole offers protection and durability.


  • The heel tab can cause irritation to the leg if socks are not worn.
  • The slight difficulty in air ventilation can cause discomfort if your feet sweat too much.
  • They might run small and users may need to be attentive to the size. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For your interests in the shoe here are some frequently asked questions:

How do you clean the Men’s Classic 247?

Use a bristle brush, a toothbrush works fine too, use slight detergent. Scrub the shoes and wipe it with a damp cloth. Let it air dry for 24 hours and you have a neat looking sneakers ready for use again.

Can you run in these shoes?

They aren’t made for trail running but using them for exercises or off-road running doesn’t put much strain on it. So yes, you can run!

How do I wash the insoles?

The best way is to wash them in lukewarm water. Do not let it absorb or soak too much.

Use silicon-based cleaning products it will keep your insoles for intact. You can follow the instruction from this How to Clean Nike Shoes article. It was written for Nike shoes but we tried to cover everything about cleaning all kind of shoes.  


The New Balance 247, crafted with a combination of synthetic and mesh materials, is a classic and modern balancing sneaker. They feature an upper textile, sock-like composition, REVlite cushioning, and a rubber outsole which gives off a notable finishing to the shoe.

It’s quite obvious the New Balance Men’s Mrl247 Classic comes off as a good investment. With a retro-look and stylish appearance, these sneakers tick most of the boxes to be stated as admirable. At an affordable price, you’ll get the best of style, comfort, durability. When there are tons of errands to run or just wander around or just a workout period the shoes know they have to be active and they do it! This shoe was intended to serve for the energetic and always-on-the-run people and even if you are not one don’t worry these will still walk with you with great ease!! 

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