New Balance 574 Review – Men’s Running Shoe

Publishing the New Balance 574 review because this shoe is truly a timeless classic. Wearing the New Balance 574 Classic Running Shoe, you’ll venture over into great and expressive retro-style of 1988, which has turned into an image of inventiveness and innovation.

These shoes are fit and offer a wide array of colors and models to choose from. With an outstanding combination of comfort, flexibility, and durability these runners are a perfect pick for you. Whether it is the school you are going to or on any adventure New Balance Men’s 574 will be a good companion. But before you put on your runners on here is a review which would give you a clear insight of them.

Why are you waiting for if you are a new runner or interested to learn about How to Choose Running Shoes for Beginners?

Features of the New Balance 574 Classic Shoe

  • The outlook
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Breathability
  • Fitness

The outlook:

There is also a lot to say about the New Balance 574, starting with its option of a wide range of colors that suits the taste, need, and preference of just about anyone. You can wear it anywhere absolutely. Not only on the grounds, in the park, or wherever you end up and even for training, it’s ideal.  Slide it on and you’re going to fit perfectly, no exceptions. 


It is very important for running shoes to have a long life span and New Balance 574 maintains their durability game up, just like the other models. Although they are pretty light-weighted and soft they are strong enough too.  Their ability to resist a great amount of wear and tear is truly remarkable. The shoes are perfect for any kind of dry weather. It will ride on any terrain and will sustain on any surface. Two pairs of extra straps on the shoe’s collar will help you avoid any safety and lock-down fit difficulties. The rubber outsole is resistant to wear and tear adding more life to the shoe and will protect your feet from slipping, falling, punctures. These beauties should run you about a few years before it’s absolutely done for good. 


Whether you’re going for walks or runs you running shoe must possess comfort. This pair’s most notable feature remains the maximum comfort it serves. The cushioning system allows the feet to rest in comfort even if you are running or walking. The materials build up a good shock absorption system. In addition, the shoe is generally very easy to get in to.

The New Balance 574’s toe box is rather wide and provides sufficient space for your toes to spread, providing the stability and balance needed for different workouts, while the lightly padded collar and tongue allow an extremely comfortable and relaxed fit. Inside, you would find a detachable foam insole that gives all-day comfort and can easily be replaced by your favorite special insert. 


The top of the 574 Classics Running Shoe from the New Balance Men offers a combination of leather and mesh materials for natural breathability, while the inside textile lining enhances the effect of moisture management to keep your feet smell free and nicely dry even after an intensive training session. So there is enough ventilation around your feet to avoid discomforts. 


If you have wide and large feet, these sneakers are a perfect choice for you. Not only colors and models but also a wide range of sizes to choose from too. And if you’ve got narrow feet, that is not a problem as well. You will eventually get your true fit. The remarkable lacing system should help you fit into the shoe perfectly. The cushioning towards the ankle, tongue and the top gives a secure feel and great step-in comfort. 

Pros and Cons of the New Balance 574 Classic Sneakers:


  • The materials used to make these runners are of high quality, ensuring a good quality product without a doubt.
  • The option of choosing from a variety of. Whether it’s simple or bold the wide array of colors will surely match your mood and occasions.
  • Relatively cheaper price of than most of the runners and offers long years to live.


  • Although the breathability is a plus, it can also leave you with cold feet in winter.
  • These runners lack of arch support and the cushioning can be too much at times.
  • It is quite easy to stain it which may leave marks behind even after cleaning. This may seem a bit difficult to some but clean sneakers need maintenance!! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some additional information you might want to know about the shoes:

Does it fit true to size?

Yes it does, the lacing system allows the shoe to fit just about any foot size.

Is this a slip on or a lace up?

Definitely a lace up.

Can you tell me if there is a difference between navy and navy/grey models?

Yes, they are somewhat darker.

Will they slip on a wet or smooth floor?

I have had mine for over a year now and I have done multiple chores with it. I even frequently wore them in winter so far the traction is good and no slipping. I use them for extensive workout now, they are still going strong.

What does D(M) mean on the size chart?

This means the width of the shoe is medium.

Do these shoes loosen up a bit after wearing them?

Yes, they do. A little bit though.

Are these good for flat feet?

Yes, the arch helps flat feet.


From the New Balance 574 review, we understand it’s a multi-purpose shoe offers a satisfying service to the feet. Providing comfort, adaptability, and durability, these shoes have stood out to be a popular choice for most men and in some cases women too. These sneakers are a good choice for a reasonable budget. If you’re going out for chores or just simply an outing, either you choose to go bold or simple and classic these shoes will be a great addition to your style statement. Here is our some selected Shoe Reviews you can check it out! 

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