Nike Air Max Torch 4 Review: A Renowned Shoes

Nike brand makes a lot of great and nice shoes for running, including Air Max and Pegasus, etc. Those great shoes are the inverse of what is a conventional running shoe. Possibly one of the main reasons people have when choosing a running shoe is a comfort. If your great shoes do not offer the correct feel during use, you might find yourself gammy halfway through your route or street. This is why the Nike Air Max Torch 4  still gets a lot of praise despite its ugly appearance and build. The Nike Air Max Torch 4 is one of the best designed Nike shoes when it comes to supporting.

Unlike other active shoes from Nike that tend to prominence that low profile design, the Nike Air Max Torch 4 doesn’t sacrifice support for aesthetic appeal. Oh! If you play basketball and want to get the right pair of shoe, you can check this guide which is called Best Shoe For Outdoor Basketball.

Anyway, let’s go to the topic. The shoes of Nike pride a shaft which cradles snugly the bony of the heels’ prominences. This shoe provides restraint which is just enough to avert eversion and inversion which may cause any damages. Also, the shoe’s design applies some psychological restraint which makes it easier for the wearer to adjust their steps in order to avoid a bad hit. 

Nike Air Max Torch 4 Review: A Pair of Renowned Shoes

Despite the absence of overall support, the Nike Air Max Torch 4 is very versatile in its skills to handle several terrains. The sole on the shoe is durable, signification that the shoe can be taken on anything from a trail to a treadmill; this is a very good object considering the price range as well. The path is burned up in comfort with style with the shoes of Nike. With a breathable mesh over,   cushioning Phylon midsole, lightweight, and Nike Air-Sole unit, these stylish running shoes offer support, shock suction, and breathability. 

Features of Nike Air Max Torch 4 Review

Now we are going to show you some significant features of this great shoe:

  • The midsole of Shoes: The midsole on the air max torch 4 is very delicate.
  • The outsole of Shoes: The outsole of the air max torch 4 is made from rubber.
  • Attractive Color: Its color is very attractive and good looking.
  • Design of Shoes: The design of these shoes is very unique.
  • Upper Side of Shoes: The upper side is comprised of a blend of both synthetic materials and mesh.

Lofty for the people who are running seeking cushion of lightweight, the Nike Air Max Torch 4 Shoes for running provides artificial rands with mesh uppers for breathability and backing. The midsoles of the shoes feature visible Max Air and a great toe-off one through Phylon throughout the forefeet for cushioning in the heels. The BRS carbon rubber of full-length waffle outsoles of the shoes provides nice durability and good traction. The overlays of TPU at the midfoot and grappled outsoles add a secure fit and good support. 


All the product has some merits. Now we are going to discuss those merits:

  •  Comfortable:  It is a very comfortable shoe. Anyone can wear it easily.
  •  Protection:  The Nike Air Max Torch 4 gives the wearer with suitable protection, considering the material that it made of.
  •  Price:  The low price of the Nike Air Max Torch 4 makes it the best shoe for the person looking for a multipurpose but pocket-friendly shoe.
  •  Avid Runners:  The Nike Air Max Torch 4 is one of the best-designed Nike running shoes when it comes to supporting. It is great for any avid runners.
  •  Quick Lacing and Perfect Fit:  The Nike shoes have the best system which will help the players to lace quick the shoes and it will also ensure the right fitting. 


All product has some demerits also. We are going to tell about those demerits:

  •  Long runs:  It is not the best shoe for long runs.
  •  Durability:  Durability might not be the most unfailing, leaving you to buy a new pair of shoes just a few months after constant use. 

In terms of aesthetics, the shoe is rough hard to sustain. That’s in general because of the overlays that stick to the construction with nothing more than clammy. When the glue wears off from exposure to moisture and perpetual movement. Then they can peel away giving the Nike shoe a worn out appearance that can make them seem unappealing.

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Buying Guides for Nike Air Max Torch 4

  • Consider Your Gender: Men and women have very different needs when it comes to shoes. There are two most primary causes behind that are that women have narrower feet thus they need to wear a pair of narrower shoes. On the other hand, men’s feet are longest so that men need a longer shoe. These are normal differences but they have a large impact on the overall construction of a shoe, along with where cushioning is positioned and the beam of the toe box. 
  • Decide How Long You will be on Your Feet: If you are taking loads the path of miles then you must need a great shoe that offers durability which is an exceptional and also features shoes of the lower profile which have the outsole of fewer materials. So, the shoes can be worn out very fast. If you don’t run for long every time or if you can afford to regularly replace your shoes then you will be ok with a downcast profile shoe from the Nike Free range. Here is our another recommendation if you need for the Best Shoes for Standing All Day.
  • Factor where you will be running: On an effective stage, you can obviously wear a good pair of shoes on a trail but it’s unlikely to be secure or comfortable. If someone is off-road then an outstanding trail-specific pair of shoes will provide more traction, stability, and protection than a road shoe. Plus trail and road outsoles are built from several materials to provide durability on an appointed surface.

Final Words

The Nike Air Max Torch 4 can definitely be the best running shoe for players who want a comfortable, and supportive shoe that does great on a variety of terrain. Premium running performance was the primary goal of the design. So what you find is a shoe that lets you focus on your move minus the need to worry about potential accidents, discomfort, and hit. Of course, there is a drawback to the entire design of these Nike shoes. The Nike Air Max Torch 4 is the best choice for any speedy player. 

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