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Nike Kyrie 3 Review is here! and it’s another released of the Nike Kyrie’s shoe line. This is the third Kyrie Irving signature shoe; Nike Kyrie 3. Nike has always done a great job in its Kyrie Irving shoe line. No matter what type of a player you are or what your footwork is like, these shoes are designed to go with the flow.

The first judgment that comes into the mind is that it looks more like the Kyrie 1 than the Kyrie 2. Many features of the Kyrie 2 has been erased from this model and other small amplifications have been made to give the Kyrie 3. So here’s the performance review on this shoe!


  • The traction is highly notable and one of the best features of Kyrie 3.
  • The ankle support is excellent and will give good support.
  • Kyrie 3 comes with a wide array of colors and looks trendy.
  • The size fits true to its size.
  • The shoes are comparatively light-weighted and have enough ventilation


  • A few reviews suggested that the shoes are a bit uncomfortable and tight.
  • It is difficult to break in at times.
  • Kyrie 3 adequate cushioning and lacks support and comfort.
  • Some of the wearers can’t feel the Zoom Unit in the heels.
  • They aren’t durable enough and doesn’t have a long lifetime.

Features of Nike Kyrie 3:

  • Fit
  • Support
  • Cushion
  • Traction
  • Materials


Nike’s Kyrie 3 fits true to its size without a doubt. Although, wide footed wearers can face a bit of difficulty in wearing them on. So if you are a wide footer it is recommended you go up by half a size to fit perfectly in them. The forefoot area has a bit block of Fuse, which does make the foot feel odd in the beginning.

What keeps the fit up to the mark? Well, the shoe’s notable lockdown. The shoe does not have anything exceptional except the standard FlyWire, but even after that, the lockdown is excellent.

There are fewer slippages and falls. 


Including the amazing lockdown and fit, the Kyrie 3 has great support as well. The Internal Heel support comes handy in supporting your heels and the Internal Shank support supports your shear. So there’s no worry! Your heels and shears are safe and sound!!

Oh, and your collar area is well protected too, providing you with good comfort! The setup is not very complex. The Nike Kyrie 2 received negative reviews regarding the rounded outsole and how it causes instability.

Nike Kyrie 3 definitely reduced the roundness of the shoe now providing better support and stability during landings and sudden stops.

nike kyrie 3 performance


Everything apart, the cushioning of the shoe received some negative reviews. Many have questioned about why Nike has used the Zoom Unit only in the heel area and that is it. To top this off, the Phylon midsole is so thin that the responsiveness is jeopardized.

Players who love to get the court feel, this is the shoe for them. The set up plays a vital role in giving this court feel. If you’re heavy weighted and your feet have gone through some medical treatment, you might want to reconsider into buying these shoes.


Both its predecessor and itself has kept up the traction game up very strong. This is probably the best feature of this shoe. It uses herringbone traction along with multi-directional traction pod.

The traction pod allows the wearer to get a good grip of the court and the rubber used does not capture much dust. Although the groves are pretty thin and do trap dust.

The aggressive traction pattern allows the shoes to last outdoors, although frequent outdoor use isn’t recommended. Although, the traction in the forefoot does take a bit of time to break in before it starts taking a good grip of the floor.


Kyrie 3 is easily distinguishable from Kyrie 2 by the difference in its materials used. And Kyrie 3 looks more like Kyrie 1. The toe and midfoot to heel is constructed using mesh. Whereas the forefoot uses FlyWire. Although mesh is an important material it uses Fuse to high-wear areas for added strength and durability and there is and there is Kurim overlay.

The set up is actually appreciable! Although it’s meant for sporty occasions you’ll still be able to pull it off with any casual wear. It looks good either way! 

Here are some notable features of Kyrie 3 that we have to mention in this review:

Tech present inside the shoe:

  • Flywire
  • Mesh and Fuse Upper
  • Internal Heel Counter
  • Internal Shank
  • Kurim Overlay

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Kyrie 3 run small?

A: The shoes are usually true to its size so won’t be much of a problem. Although it is recommended to try it on before purchasing.

Q: How is the comfort of this shoe?

A: There have been compromised in its comfort. It lacks cushioning and causes discomfort to the feet.

Q: How long will it last outdoors?

A: Not much. The shoe isn’t recommended for daily outdoor uses. It will wear and tear out soon. So it’s definite disapproval to wear it outdoors.

Q: How to clean properly clean my Kyrie 3?

A: Use a toothbrush and dip into soapy water. Start by cleaning the traction. Brush the traction in a circular motion and brush your way through taking out all the trapped dust. Rub out the water with a rough towel. Slightly brush the upper (don’t dip it into water), rub it with the cloth and leave it to air dry overnight. And your shoes should be good as new!! You can check our How to clean Nike shoes article for more details.


Bottom of the Nike Kyrie 3 Review is Nike has done a good job with its Nike Kyrie 3. A 9 out of would be sufficient, to sum up, its performance review. Nike has definitely done better changes to Kyrie 3 than Kyrie 2.

With better traction, support, materials and fit these shoes have definitely improved and changed making it more of a choice for everyone. It definitely does stand out in the crowd.

To top everything off, Kyrie 3 is available at a reasonable price given that the amplifications have been made better than Kyrie 2.

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